About Veloeye

Veloeye is the brainchild of two guys who invested in bicycles. Inevitably we grew to love those bicycles. We paid a lot of money and did not want to lose them.

Cycling boom & an increase in bike theft

There has been an increase in the popularity of cycling over the past few years. Unfortunately, this is matched by a parallel increase in bike-related crimes, including cycle theft. Having heard the typical horror bike theft stories (read Andy's blog article for more about this) we decided to do something to deter the bike thief.

We understand that if a dedicated and serious bicycle thief wants your bike, there's little you can do to prevent them taking it. What we can do is pool our resources and act as a community to help fight bike theft. We're not talking super-hero stuff here, we're simply applying a little community spirit and a dose of modern technology.

Empowering bike owners

Veloeye is a simple and inexpensive high visibility tracking system for bike owners.

  1. Apply one of the Veloeye tamper-proof tags
  2. Download our free app
  3. Scan the tag on your bike by holding your smartphone camera over the code
  4. The tag and bike are registered with the Veloeye central system
  5. That's it!

Status matters

GREEN = Everything is fine in your world. Your bike is safe.
RED = Bike is stolen. Time to inform as many people as possible.

Following registration, your bike status is automatically set as green. You will receive a thankyou message to say you are registered. Should the worst happen, and your bike is stolen, you set the bike status to red.

Developing a community

We want to build a community of people who will look out for each other - and this requires a change of mindset. If you are having a coffee in a cafe and see someone scanning your locked up precious steed - be grateful, it's likely someone is saying hello and making sure your bike is with the right person. If your bike status is green when scanned, everything is fine. If it is red, the scanner to notify the owner of the location of the bike.

We plan to make the whole scanning game a fun thing to do, by planting secret little gems which will come back to scanners, including prize giveaways and lucky dips for random app users (more on this in forthcoming blog articles)

If you want to know more, why not check out how Veloeye works.