Data Security

As a concept the Veloeye idea is quite simple, but we do take data seriously, so please be reassured by the following statement

We allow users to sign up with Veloeye for free and will charge only for the tag pack (which covers the material costs and the running costs of the Veloeye servers) however we will never transmit data about any owners, their addresses or personally identifiable information through any of the user interfaces upon which Veloeye is developed. All data which is stored in the Veloeye system database is encrypted and decrypted so no plain text information is stored for any of our users records.

Please note that we will also never store any credit card information about your orders or will request information relating to personal information other than the initial registration process on this website or through the official Veloeye app platforms. All data transmitted over the Veloeye is encrypted over industry standard SSL channels as well so the tranmission of your data between the app and the server is also encrypted.

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