5 Useful Tips for taking your bike on holiday

1 Mar 2020

We all like to visit foreign places and cycle there when we travel, but what are you options when travelling with a bike?

1. Service your bike before you go

While it may sound extreme, nothing is worse than having a mechanical during your holiday so do your best to avoid it. Give your bike a good service and replace any items that are worn. Remember to pack a few simple spares and tools to ensure that you can cope with basic mechanicals when you are away.

2. Pack Your Bike Properly

If you are travelling by plane you run the risk of your bike being damaged if it is not properly packed. If you don’t want to go to the expense of buying a bike box, see if you can rent one for your holiday. Companies such as @tweedbikeboxes https://www.tweedbikeboxes.co.uk/ have sprung up to ensure that great quality bike boxes are easily rented and a broken bike doesn’t spoil your holiday. Make sure the bike is well packed with padding around vulnerable items. Take some pictures for use as proof should the unfortunate happen.

3. Check your bike for damage

Make sure you check your bike for damage before leaving the airport. Some airlines will give you a couple of days to report damage. However, a decent bike box should ensure no damage. But it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

4. Register your bikes details

Register your bike with www.Veloeye.com so that you can fully identify the bike and have proof of ownership should the bike go missing. It will also ensure that you have all of the bikes details to hand for reporting the loss of your bike to the Police and your insurance company. Registering with Veloeye will give a 10% discount on insurance with Yellow Jersey bike insurance.

5. Insurance

Travel insurance can get a bit tricky for cycling with many standard travel insurance policies not covering or only offering a minimal pay-out if your bike gets damaged. www.yellowjersey.co.uk offers full Worldwide cover even if you are participating in a sportive or charity event. Their policies also include £2m public liability cover as standard, so if you are involved in a collision with a vehicle or pedestrian you are in safe hands. A 10% discount is available on insurance with @YellowJersey when you register with @Veloeye

Have an awesome holiday!