Bike Insurance partnership

31 Oct 2019

Veloeye are proud to team up with Yellow Jersey bicycle insurance to offer a 10% discount on insurance when purchasing a Veloeye bike marking kit.

Yellow Jersey was Co-founded in 2014 by cyclist and triathlete Ryan Georgiades, and specialises in bicycle insurance. They have 954 Customer reviews, which are 94% positive. You can read the reviews here.
They are the official supplier to the British Triathlon Federation and insure Team Wiggins among others, and are proud sponsors of Canyon Eisberg and Jodie Stimpson
Their push bike insurance policies do not charge you extra at renewal time, even if you’ve made a claim. They give all of their customers a 25% renewal discount. They also offer a 60% multi-bike discount on all additional bikes and a single policy can be used for up to a £50,000 combined bike value.

Is specialist bicycle insurance necessary?

Many home insurance policies will not cover bikes over£ 1000 away from the home or if they are used for racing or training worldwide. A home insurance policy is unlikely to cover you for crash damage and almost certainly not if you are competing, with Yellow Jersey you’re covered.
Yellow Jersey will always replace damages with an equivalent new version or pay for the full repair costs. They will make sure everything is up to scratch if your bike is damaged through vandalism.
Yellow Jersey insurance even offers travel insurance that fits the needs of cyclists - without sacrificing any aspect of their normal travel insurance cover.

Yellow Jersey offer three cycling packages


Is a bike theft insurance package that is designed for individuals and families who enjoy cycling mainly as a leisure activity, or for daily errands and commutes. They designed the package to cover against harm that may befall your bike during everyday use, like theft, vandalism and accidental damage. Their generous single bike limit will cover most entry-level bikes, and they also offer a 60% multi-bike discount which means you can insure all the bikes in the household under a single policy.

Find out more about essentials insurance at yellow jersey


Is for club rides and sportives, holidays on the continent or mountainbike trail riding, Yellow Jersey’s Performance Bicycle Insurance package is designed for the enthusiast cyclist. This package is aimed at riders who enter events and ride mid-range bikes, and perhaps own more than one. It also covers your bike against theft and damage in Europe and while in transit. It also covers the named policy holder for public liability whilst riding any bicycle.

Find out more about performance insurance at yellow jersey


Yellow Jersey’s Ultimate Cycle Insurance cover has been designed for cyclists that compete regularly in the UK and abroad in crits, triathlons or mountain bike races. They cover you for competition cancellations, any valuable equipment left in triathlon transition areas and your bike box too. They will even cover the named policy holder’s public liability whilst riding any bicycle. Everything is taken care of, which is why so many professional teams are among their customers.
All three Yellow Jersey bicycle policies protect you and your family members against public liability claims up to £2m, whilst riding any insured bicycle. Their Performance and Ultimate policies also cover the named policyholder for public liability claims whilst riding any bicycle: e.g. a holiday hike bike or Santander Cycle.
Whether your bike is stolen from home, work or elsewhere you will be covered.
So mark your bike with Veloeye and get your code for 10% discount on your insurance with the leading bike insurer.

Find out more about ultimate insurance at yellow jersey

You can visit their website directly at or go straight to the insurance quote system to see how much you can save and protect your rider!